Cranbrook Childcare Centre

413-417 Ross River Road, Cranbrook, QLD 4812
The Project

CES were engaged by Place Creation to build a transformative learning space, entailing the removal of four residential structures, followed by the development of a state-of-the-art childcare facility designed to cater to the needs of up to one hundred children and twenty staff members. This innovative center also encompasses an auxiliary space on its second level, for company training facilities, enhancing its versatility and functionality. Upon arrival, parents can seamlessly entrust their children to engage in enriching activities and cultivate essential skills within a nurturing and inclusive setting. Additionally, they have the convenience of getting takeaway coffee as they proceed with their daily commitments. This facility boasts an array of cutting-edge safety and quality features dedicated to ensuring the optimal well-being of the next generation. These features encompass doorjamb covers, viewing mirrors installed in every room, a fully equipped commercial kitchen, simulated starry night sky lights to facilitate restful sleep, and numerous other amenities designed to prioritize the care and development of young children.

Project Highlights

Client: Place Creation
Contract Price: $4.6 Million
Project Duration: 11 Months
Completion Date: November 2023

Personnel onsite: 7