Environmental Policy

Preserving Our Environment

CES supports and aims to comply with legislation and regulations to ensure effective environmental management in relation to its operations. Our organisation is committed to ongoing training of its employees and workers in environmental management, best work practices and safety as required. Our Environmental management system is constructed in compliance with the guidelines of AS/NZS ISO 14001:2015

The organisation is committed to sustainable development throughout CES construction operations. Setting objectives, measuring progress and communicating results will assist in achieving continual improvement in environmental performance.

CES is committed to environmental protection and requires that all employees and workers, customers, suppliers and site visitors to cooperate with management to ensure that all activities carried out on site do not adversely impact on the environment.

Under the direction of senior management and in consultation with our employees and workers,
Our organisations objectives are to:

  • Minimise or eliminate our negative environmental impact and use of resources
  • Liaise with and consult relevant third parties and experts to continually improve our work practices and operations
  • Make business decisions that work towards achieving sustainable development and a reduction in pollution;
  • Ensure that our employees, subcontractors, suppliers and consultants are aware of their environmental obligations with respect to Complete Environmental Solutions operations;
  • Regularly monitor and report on our environmental performance as a minimum, comply with legislative, organisational, industry and/or customer requirements
  • Encourage all employees and workers to take an active, personal role in promoting environmental best practice
  • Communicate the organisations’ Environmental Policy and procedures to all employees;
  • To undertake a programme of continuous improvement in all areas of our business, including constantly improving our environmental performance.
  • To ensure that all resources relevant to conducting business, including water, fuels, and electricity, will be efficiently and responsibly used.
  • To constantly look for new and better ways of waste reduction, prevention, and recycling.
  • To comply with all legal requirements, including those in relation to the environment.
  • Periodically review and revise our Environmental Policy and Procedures to maintain their relevance.

CES Environmental Policy will be reviewed on a yearly basis, to ensure that it remains up to date in all areas.
This environmental policy will be continually reviewed to maintain the highest possible environmental awareness and addresses policy requirements of ISO14001:2004 Environmental management standard.