Health & Safety Policy

Keeping Everyone Safe

It is CES’ policy that each employee shall be provided with a safe and healthy place in which to work. To achieve this policy, management will make every reasonable effort in the areas of accident preventions, hazard control and removal, injury protection, health prevention and promotion. Safe and healthy working conditions will be an integral part of our approach to ensuring a safe environment at all times to all employees. Our Occupational Health & Safety management system is constructed in compliance with the guidelines of AS/NZS ISO 45001:2018

Health and Safety at work is both an individual and shared responsibility of all employees. The following statements are essential to the success of this policy.

All CES management shall:

  • Plan, develop, implement and monitor comprehensive Health, Safety and Welfare Programs;
  • Promote the understanding of Health, Safety and Welfare as a normal component of all aspects of work;
  • Provide a healthy and safe workplace;
  • Aim to ensure the work team is totally committed to achieving our objectives;
  • Ensure open and honest communication exists between management and all employees


Workers and subcontractors shall share the responsibility to:

  • Encourage others to work in a healthy and safe manner;
  • Cooperate with management to support the promotion of Health, Safety and Welfare in the workplace; and
  • Promptly report accidents, unsafe practices or conditions that become apparent and work with others to promote a safe workplace.


People are our most important asset and their health and safety is our greatest responsibility. The public shall be given equal priority to that of our employees. The objectives of our Safety Policy are:

  • To achieve an accident free workplace;
  • To make sure health and safety is considered in all planning and work activities;
  • To involve our employees in the decision making process through regular communication, consultation and training;
  • To provide a continuous program of education and learning to ensure that our employees work in the safest possible manner;
  • To identify and control all potential hazards in the workplace through hazard identification and risk analysis;
  • To ensure all potential accident / incidents are controlled and prevented;
  • To provide effective injury management and rehabilitation for all employees;